Send, Receive
& Earn Laxoon

Laxoon is an innovative fintech ecosystem for users that want a faster, more efficient way to securely manage their laxoon token in a single place and increase LXN profit by saving in wallet.

Our Official LAXOON Contract Address 0x3A7A376Bb8C6E30B3560E22962BbB68d6E851337


Earning Wallet

Send LXN, Receive LXN, Savings and do more from your phone. Refer a friend and Earn 5% everytime they deposit in plan.
Ultimate Savings & earn LAXOON (LXN) up to 108% APY Plus MORE.
Zero fee when sending to LPAY to LPAY.

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Start earning LAXOON

Contract Address

Developing Futures

50% Establish Liquidity

Hold & Build Profits


  • 100% Safe Liquidity Locked
  • Send or Receive
  • Multi-layer security
  • The next BIG thing
  • Exchange LXN to BNB Funds
  • Most efficient network
  • Low Charge Crypto fees
  • Fully decentralized
  • Hold & Earn Laxoon
  • 200000000x Gain Potential

Future Targets

  • Play to Earn
  • More LAXOON Holders
  • Listing in Top Exchagers
  • Expanding Marketing Campaigns
  • LAXOON Armies NFT's
  • Targeting Individual Country
  • Paid to Click
  • Articles Partnership on LXN
  • Watch Videos & Earn
  • LAXOON Free Faucets
  • More Passive Income
  • Site Improvements